Så Här Når Du Framgång

Detta är vad jag har lärt mig(bland annat) efter 20 år med djupa gräv om Forbesmiljardärer:

Här är 5 hemligheter för att uppnå framgång i livet:

  • Passion är hemligheten till att uppnå vad du högst önskar.

Remember how your parents and teachers used to tell you that, “you can be anything you want when you grow up?”  It’s an old adage that is meant to inspire and motivate, one that truly helps to open the eyes of children to the world of possibilities around them.  However, the truth is that no matter how old you are, whether you are five years old or ninety-five years old, you really do have the power to be anything you want, get anything you want, and live the way that you want.  “You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.”

Think about it.  Every single thing in this universe is made up of energy.  It is the energy that allows for the formation of molecules and atoms, the energy that runs through electric wires, and the energy that makes up our very bodies.  It is also that same energy that is fired off in your brain every time you have a thought or feeling.  Considering the law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the energy emitted by your thoughts and emotions will cause a reaction in you and in the universe that surrounds you.  This is why controlling our thoughts and emotions is the key to getting what we want.

  • Ta din privatekonomi i dina egna händer.

How many times have you found yourself in a financial rut?

Or perhaps how many times did you have to deal with credit score problems because you could not seem to put your finances in order?

If you are waiting for some miracle to happen just so your financial health will improve, you might be wasting precious time. The truth of the matter is that you can start putting your financial life in order today, and it’s never too late to start. If you are looking for ways to improve your credit score, you might want to look into any existing loans that you have and start paying them on time.

Monitoring your credit score and credit ratings is also an important aspect in maintaining financial health. There are simple ways you can do to keep yourself debt-free or at least to have the ability to manage your debts wisely. Even the simple act of opening a separate savings account for your future or choosing your expenses wisely will translate to better financial health in the long run. You definitely don’t need some impressive miracle to steer you from the doom of financial problems.

The choice is up to you, really. Managing your money well is both a skill and an art, and for this you need to have the right attitude. You can keep yourself from accumulating debts by spending within your means.

Many people suffer from poor credit ratings because they don’t know how to live below their means. Taking an active role in managing your finances will help you control your spending better and keep your debts at a minimum.

You cannot just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen, so your financial state can see some concrete improvements. By taking your finances into your own hands, making wise buying or investing decisions becomes easier.

  • Hantera irriterande omständigheter, förändra ditt bedömmande.

Dealing with annoying people or irritating circumstances can be very difficult. Dealing with unfortunate circumstances normally require huge amounts of patience and a deeper understanding of things. Although a lot of external things can be a source of pain, the choice as to whether you will let them affect you is all up to you.

It is always best to remember that there are some things you cannot control. In many cases, control is an illusion. As much as you cannot control the attitude and reactions of people or the outcome of certain things, you can always control how you feel about them. Everything boils down to your own choice in the end.

Whether you like it or not, some things, some events can be pretty disturbing. Take for example a highly annoying officemate who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut. Or perhaps a boss who does not know how to appreciate the efforts of the entire team. If you let these people or their actions disturb you, then they will disturb you.

The important thing here is of course, not the fact that they actually disturb you. The thing that bears more weight is your decision to allow such things to affect you and bring you pain.

If you judge things or people beforehand, you will no longer have the opportunity to understand them better and appreciate their positive sides as well. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said that if you judge people, you will have no time to love them. The same goes for circumstances which are less than favorable.

Once you shift your judgment on them, you will find that annoyances or pains do not have to disturb you. You are in control of your reactions and your feelings, and these involve your judgment on people and events. A change in your judgment can actually result in a new and better, perspective.

  • Hur leda kan övergå till emotionella utgifter
    Not many people may realize it at once but one of the culprits of overspending is boredom.

Many people find themselves bored, without anything to do, and immediately think about going to the nearest mall and splurging on just about anything. If you’re tempted to max out the limit on your credit card just because you’ve got nothing better to do and you need some instant perk-me-upper, think again.

There are various ways you can entertain yourself out of boredom, and these do not have to involve jeopardizing your financial health. You may take up reading, take up a new sport, or engage in quality time with friends. Retail therapy can be helpful, but only to some extent. As much as possible, shopping should be done with a purpose.

If you head to the shopping malls with the intent of shopping for just about anything, there is a very good chance of overspending. Frankly, do you really need another pair of earrings or a new set of China for next week’s dinner party? Do you really need to spend beyond budget simply because you have your credit card with you?

Responsible spending begins with the knowledge that shopping won’t be able to cure everything that ails you, emotional or otherwise.

This impulsive form of behavior arising from feelings of boredom or ennui may not be limited to the financial aspect alone. Oftentimes, when you don’t really understand what motivates you anymore, you end up making poor decisions, or decisions which you may regret afterwards. Boredom is the absence of curiosity, of motivation, the absence of the kind of spark that impels you to move and take control of your decisions. If you have nothing to do with your time, start with the knowledge that indeed there are so many things you can do.

The key here is to find the things that interest you most, without having to wreck your financial health or make poor decisions that may haunt you for months or years to come.

  • Varför en stor dos av pessimism är den bästa medicinen

A lot of people are quick to judge pessimists as individuals who keep a morose stance on everything, and are known to inspire nothing but depression and negativity. However, a certain dose of pessimism may be called for in some instances, whether it’s in the workplace, on the career front, or in effectively managing your finances. When you adopt a certain sense of pessimism, you are essentially setting yourself up for lesser disappointments, especially since you aren’t too keen on setting too high expectations.

Sometimes, too much optimism can prevent you from seeing the real picture. When you focus only on the good parts while overlooking the bad parts, or at least those which are bound to become bad eventually, you may not be able to anticipate potential problems successfully. Thus by taking on the role of a pessimist, sometimes you will be able to review the bad side of a situation, a plan, or a project, so you can act on possible dilemmas using available resources, and without any delay.

Pessimism is also highly useful in situations that call for higher risk. Whether it’s in the form of a project that involves the use of a huge capital or in spending a good amount for something which you may not necessarily need, some sense of negativity can give you the needed reality check. Is the project feasible enough, considering that all your resources will be used to bring the desired results to fruition?

Will you be able to afford the purchase on a new fancy furniture, one that you really like but don’t really need?

Thoughts like these help you weigh down the available options more effectively, simply because you are taking into account the worst possible scenarios. Optimism keeps you going, but pessimism sometimes can keep your actions in check, so you can proceed with the best possible decision, and one with the least repercussions.


    Tycker du dessa hemligheter är lärorika. Bli då prenumerant till mitt nyhetsbrev. Det är helt GRATIS och där ger jag mina absolut bästa tips för hur vi kan lyckas. Om du besitter en enorm drivkraft för att lyckas i livet. Då kan du bli miljonär!